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About Prestige Fence Company
Prestige Fence is a leader in customized fences for homes and businesses in Orlando, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Sanford and throughout Central Florida. We have installed over 10,000 fences around fine homes, commercial and industrial sites. We are committed to delivering the highest quality materials and services resulting in the most cost effective solutions for our customers. Prestige Fence outstanding safety record qualifies us to work with most businesses and companies. We are licensed in several central Florida counties and cities, fully insured including work mans comp. You do not have to worry with securing licenses or permits that may be required by ordinances in your area, Prestige Fence will take care of all that for you !
What Makes Us Unique?
American Fence Association (AFA). As a member of the AFA, we are committed to a code of ethics and a standard of excellence that will ensure quality workmanship. We invite you to contact us for more information and a free written estimate. "We work one-on-one with the customer providing service before and after installation." George Tyll, Owner
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Tennis & Basketball Courts/Swimming
Pools/Baseball Diamonds
Large Estates
Parking Lots/Playgrounds
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Over time wood fencing beomes more beautiful, but it can also need some maintenance and repairs depending on where you live. Wood fencing can begin to look worn or become a home for pests so let us help you find a local professional who knows not only how to repair your wood fencing but also do preventative care to keep your investment looking great for years to come.

Our number one goal is to make all of your home or office projects as easy and economical as possible! Our professionals work around the clock contacting and selecting qualified contractors for your project with an emphasis on quality and cost effectiveness! We offer FREE estimates with no obligation and guarantee your free service with a smile every time you speak with our world class customer support team.
Our professionals are working around the clock. If you have any questions please contact us at 407-365-8716 we would be more than happy to assist you.

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